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Joseph Carter trainer card by Shiron-the-Windragon
Joseph Carter trainer card
This is a trainer card I made of my second Pokémon OC, Joseph "Joey" Carter. The reason he has 2 Lucario is because he got the second Lucario from Korrina when he visited the Kalos region. Also, the reason he has a Nidoqueen is because he found a hurt Nidoran F, and, being the kind and gentle soul he is, he took it and raised it as his own. The resulting Nidoqueen has followed him around since, and he can't bear to release her even though she tendency to randomly glomp him. Here's the rundown on his pokemon team:

Moeagaru "Moe"
♂ Charizard
Adamant nature; Strong willed
Joey got this particular Charizard as a Charmander when he first started his journey in Kanto. Joey and him have formed a special bond that goes beyond pokemon/trainer. They've become more like partners. These two are always seen together, and one is rarely seen without the other. Joseph is unsure whether he wants him to Mega Evolve. He fears that he may go Berserk, just Like Korrina's Lucario did when he Mega Evolved.

♀ Nidoqueen
Quirky nature; Highly persistent
Named after the Elite 4 member of Kanto, this particular Nidoqueen has developed a fondness for Joseph. He saved her when she was very young, and as a result, she decided to join his team herself. She has a tendency to pop out of her PokéBall and randomly glomp Joseph. He doesn't mind it when that happens, but he gets rather uncomfortable when she rubs up against him, especially with her "boobs" squishing up against him.

Naughty nature; Somewhat of a clown
So named for the famous TV character of the same name, this particular Zoroark (then a Zorua) was found to be causing trouble in his town. He took it upon himself to try and stop him playing pranks on his friends. He was eventually able to stop him and weaken him to where he could catch him. Since then, Zorro has been a valuable member of Joseph's team.

Brave nature; Capable of taking hits
Named after both the character Felix the Cat and Fix-It Felix, Felix was given to Joseph on his birthday by his dad, who sent it to him. He started out as an egg, and when he hatched it, it became a Riolu, who eventually helped him fend off some bullies, and from that point on, the two were inseparable (much like him and Moeagaru). After a while of battling and making sure he was happy, he eventually evolved into a Lucario. When Korrina offered to give her other Lucarionite to Felix, he politely refused, saying that he relies on his own skills to help him in battle.

♂ Lucario (Mega)
Serious nature; Proud of its power
Named after the Elite 4 member from Kanto (and Johto), this Lucario joined him when Joseph fought Korrina for the right to bear the Mega Ring. Bruno is unique in that he can Mega Evolve, unlike Felix. He prefers to only use it if absolutely necessary. Much like the rest of Joseph's team, Bruno will put his life at risk to keep Joseph safe from harm.

♂ Goodra
Timid nature; Very finicky
Not much is known about this Goodra, other than that Joseph found it as a Goomy in a rather unusual place, in a back alley in Lumiose City. He could tell it'd been hurt badly, so after managing to calm it down enough to be able to pick it up, he took it to a Pokémon Center to get it healed up. Afterwards, he thought to release the Goomy, but as he did so, the Goomy kept coming back, so eventually he decided to let it join his team. He trained it to a Sliggoo, then managed to evolve it into a Goodra on the Laverre Mountain Trail outside of Lumiose City when it started raining.

You'll notice that his whole team is made up of males (with the exception of his Nidoqueen). Well. that's because my character believes that male Pokémon are easier to train than females. That's not to say he doesn't like females. He's just more comfortable around people (and Pokémon) of the same gender.
As the title says, I finally got Minecraft for the PC by using one of those prepaid Gift cards that are out now. For some reason, I could only find them at Best buy, but anyway, I digress. My name's ElectricGremlin on there if you want to come visit me in my world.


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